Smile You’re On Camera


Eileen Topacio, Staff Writer

I remember looking through old photo books that contained pictures of me and my family. Since I was too young to actually remember certain times in my life,pictures gave me the opportunity to relive those moments.
Then a realization struck through me, and that was howhaving these pictures were so important. If there were no cameras or hard copies of pictures, I would miss the memories I had growing up. The past affects us and makes us who we are today, and pictures benefit the idea of keeping the moment. I believe that cameras and photos are an important way to document our past and help us remember who we once were.

Back then, people did not always have pictures of themselves. Today, our generation is very fortunate to have and document the adventures we go on in life. We now have the ability to document our lives through a series of photo
albums or even social media. Speaking of social media, not only can we use an actual camera to take pictures but we can also snap photos on our smart phones and the majority of digital devices.

However, taking pictures and recording life changing experiences can take away from living in the moment. For example, going to a concert, people tend to get carried away and don’t enjoy the fact that they are right in front of their favorite singer or band. They would rather record a video for future references rather than enjoy every second of the concert. It doesn’t just apply to concerts but going out to places in general. There can also be problems with privacy, you may perhaps want to upload a photo with a beautiful aesthetic of
a friend but they might not want you to post it.

At the same time, we would end up having a collection of photos of us from our first day of preschool to
even that first job interview. We are reminiscing the great times in the past through these photographs and
videos. Recording the past would always be crucial to us and we should always take that into account.

It is crazy how we grow up not noticing it. Everyday we get a little older, and pictures record our young
selves venturing out into the world. Growing up is so important to influencing who we are going to be in the future. Going throughout life and taking photos will make our stories not so hard to remember. These pictures hold our
youth and show a story of our lives. It is great to talk about our origins and how we
became who we are today.

Photos are like stories that visually speak for themselves. Look into the lens of a camera, smile and pose, and your memory is kept forever. Document your memories and remember your experiences growing up. Revisiting your past and going down memory lane reminds you of what you have learned as you get older. Whether your past was good or bad, they still shape who you are as a person today. Pictures would always be apart of you, and they will always show who you always were.