Eileen on the Edge (Column)


Veronica Zamora

Eileen back in the days when we still went to school.

Eileen Topacio, Staff Writer

Are you a fan of popular and trendy music? If so, someone that would catch your eye would be Alec Chambers, an artist originating from YouTube. With well performed covers, Chambers takes the musical world to a whole new level. Using his style, he makes pop hits sound different by making them his own. It is rare and difficult to make something yours while being remarkable using someone else’s song in covers. With about 50,000 subscribers so far, Chambers is really on the road to success.

Here is my story on how I discovered him. An artist I personally love, Shawn Mendes, came out with his single Mercy about a year ago. I automati- cally fell in love with it, and it was on repeat for me ever since. Curious, I decided to search up covers on YouTube to see others sing their own renditions of the tune. After watching a few videos, I see Alec Chambers’ cover. Not knowing who he was at the time, I gave it a shot and clicked on the video. I remember being shocked, because of how incred- ible his voice was just by humming in the begin- ning. Once Chambers starting singing, I noticed that his voice was crisp, slightly high pitched, and something incredibly new. It was amazing how Chambers was able to control his voice, where singing looked effortless to him. After watching his performance, I went onto his YouTube channel to find more covers, and every single one was unique from how it was originally composed. I became a fan after hitting that subscribe button.

Alec Chambers bases his musical covers towards well-loved artists like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars. If there is ever a song that is trending, Chambers’ has got you covered. Astonishing covers and favor- ites of mine would have to be Perfect by Ed Sheer- an, Love Me Do by The Beatles, Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur, and many more. Also, Cham- bers shares an open community to his crowd. He is always taking in song requests from his fans, which grows a stronger relationship between them.

With a lot of passion, Chambers sets his own stage right in the comfort of his own home. His simplistic vibes give off an outshining voice and wonderful personality. Being behind the camera, Chambers expresses his love of music and shares it with the world. So if you ever find yourself looking for that latest cover of a song you have gotten stuck in your head, Alec Chambers is the artist to check out.