Look, Music is Evolving!


Drawing by Jamie-Ann Aranda

Bianca Barretto, Staff Writer

As people’s interests continue to evolve, so does our outllok on music. Music is this universal language that everybody can connect to, until artits and bands stop creating content that we find relatable.

It isn’t very often that you’ll find artists who stick to the same music genre throughout their entire career as a musician. This is because artists NEED to grow and branch out into new styles in order to stay relevant in the industry.

One of the things that bothers me most is when people complain about a musican’s new music and compare it to the older tracks. In fact, I find it bewildering that people still believe artists should stay stagnant throughout their entire discography.

What makes music so interesting and multifaceted is the fact that it grows as we do.

Bands like Paramore and Linkin Park originated from the alternative scene and became iconic for revolutionizing the tradition rock style. Ever since they released their most recent albums, their audience has criticized them for “selling out” and pandering towards a more pop-esque style of music.

People should even critize artists like Ariana Grande and Fifth Harmony for growing out of their manufactured, bubblegum pop stage to explore mature topics within their music.

Change in a musician’s sound does not equate to them selling out or choosing fame over their fans. We should always remember that it isn’t the artist’s job to please everyone. If they suddenly change the direction they want to take their career in, it’s usually because their old sound has no meaning anymore, not because they’re in it for the money.

Music expresses the artist’s passion, growth, and maturity in ways that normal words can’t. Just because you aren’t passionate about something, doesn’t mean that the artist has to stop talking about it. We dont have a say in the topics musicians choose to publicize because we’re bound to find someone who makes the music we want to listen to without forcing them into a subject matter.

So if you’re so bothered by the fact your favorite musician’s new music doesn’t connect with you, go ahead and listen to their older tracks.Artists aren’t going to stop dead in their tracks to appeal to one group of people. Change is normal in the music industry. If you ask me, it’s a lot more respectable when an artists takes iniative and makes music because its important to them, rather than trying to appeal to the crowd.