Pineapple Pizza Polemic

Sean McCray, Staff Writer

Pizza is a food favorite in the U.S, so there’s no surprise when I say it’s loved by many. It’s generally a, “flat round base of dough baked with a topping of tomato sauce and cheese,” and other additional toppings. It’s able to be made the way you want it, delivered, and overall tastes great. Many things can be changed about a pizza and many toppings can be placed on pizza, even one such as pineapple.

Sam Panopoulos claimed to have created the first pineapple pizza in Canada, in the year of 1962. This would later develop all of the Pineapple Pizza Lover and also Pineapple Pizza Hater arguments. Pineapple pizza may not be a topic of great significance, but is still very controversial when discussed. This is due to people liking or disliking it, with little in between. There are a multitude of reasons why people feel this way, so the question is, “Why do people like/dislike pineapple pizza?”

The varying opinions and thoughts on the topping even caused an uproar on social media. Pineapple pizza even became a meme at one point and was sparking an outcry everywhere. Pictures of the topping on the pizza caused many to question it’s worth. Comment sections were flooded with either hate or love for the controversial pizza topping.  

Personally, I don’t like pineapple pizza because I feel as though the pineapples don’t compliment the rest of the pizza well. The sweetness of the pineapple doesn’t mix well with the savoriness of the cheese, crust, and sauce of the pizza; which are obviously a main part of the dish. Honestly, I feel as though the pineapple really throws off the taste of all the other ingredients within the pizza; it just doesn’t mix. The wide variety of flavors clashing together provides a terrible palate. In other words, pineapple on pizza tastes nasty.

I genuinely, would love to know why more people like or dislike the topping on their pizza. It’d give me a lot more insight on the reasons why this topping tastes so great or so awful. If you like the topping that’s perfectly fine. We may not agree about pineapples on pizza, but I’m sure we can agree that pizza is great in general.