Korean Pop

Paulina Rosas, Staff Writer

The world is full of many genres of music ranging from pop to rock to country, but one genre that many people still don’t know of is Korean-pop. Korean-pop, or Korean Pop, is a music genre originated from South Korea that is actually a term used to address all music types in South Korea such as pop, hip hop, rock, classical, etc.

This genre of music originated between the 1980s and the 1990s, the modernized version of this genre was created around late 1990s. The genre mainly consists of idol groups, but it does have it’s expanding number of solo idols.  

Over the years Kpop has managed to gain the interest of many young adults and teenagers. It has not only attracted Korean viewers but international viewers as well with not only the music but all the visuals, music videos, choreographies, fashion, and debuts it includes. Many Kpop music videos include specific themes or concepts that usually go with the song, as well as fascinating choreography. Along with its characteristics, Kpop also tries to appeal to international viewers with the use of English phrases in songs or English song titles. It has widely spread over Japan as well, where many idols have created Japanese versions to their songs.

With the use of the internet, this music genre has slowly been making it’s way into Western audiences and markets, it being slightly difficult to do so with the songs being in Korean. Yet idols such as BTS, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, have made their way into these markets with international fans, creating more opportunities in the west for other idols.

As idols keep gaining more international audiences, more people are being exposed to this foreign type of music full of unique talent. It may be difficult for many to enjoy this genre of music in a foreign language, but once one finds an idol or idol group they enjoy this genre might just become one’s favorite.