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Should students have the liberty to choose when to take classes?

Yvonne Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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Students want some classes, but need others. This leads us to the ultimate question… Should students have the liberty to choose when to take certain classes? Although some classes, such as English, cannot be taken another time, there are some classes that can. Many students have the same opinion on this topic.

“If you like something, then you’d want to keep doing good at it,” said junior, Czarina Go.

Some students think that they should have more control over when they should take classes Science, History, or a foreign language. They also thought that students should be able to choose to take classes that they are interested in and that they are ready for.

“Last year I took music, I did not want to take music. I wanted to take spanish,” explained sophomore Daniel Ramirez.

When asked about some disadvantages that more liberty would bring, most students replied by saying that some people would choose classes with their friends, and not by what they actually want or need. This is true even without liberty, as some students compare schedules and changed them accordingly so that they have more classes with friends.

Students should have the freedom to choose when to take classes because then they can plan what classes they need to take to meet the A-G requirements. An example is that a student can choose when to take a class such as a visual and performing arts class and take the class on a later date. This way students have a bit more control on their schedules. Counselors and students have been meeting up at the end of the year to discuss what classes the student would like to take the following year, but this does not necessarily mean that the student will have those classes.

Some students think that the liberty of when to take classes can also help students be better prepared. By knowing what classes that they are taking and when they are being taken can better help students prepare. An example is that a student chooses to postpone a class such as Spanish until the following year rather than that same year. That student could be better prepared because they would know that that class is going to be taken the following year.

The student’s opinion on whether or not more liberty is a good option is positive in majority. The students think that they should be able to determine when to take certain classes. Math and science are examples of classes that can be postponed. Art or music is another example. Some classes like English are not optional. English has to be taken every year. Overall, students should be given more liberty to choose when to take classes.

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Should students have the liberty to choose when to take classes?