Help Wanted: YouTuber

Mariana Jimenez, Staff Writer

Everyone has once gone through that ‘YouTuber’ phase when they wanted to upload videos online and become a famous YouTuber. We came into it thinking that we could get millions of views and subscribers just by uploading that one special video. But it seems to me that its not easy to get to where the famous YouTubers are after all.

Shane Dawson, Bethany Mota, Pewdiepie and many other YouTubers have all started from the ground up to get to where they are now, putting tremendous work into their output of content.

Many people easily jump the gun and say that being a part of the Youtube Industry and uploading videos to the internet isn’t a real career. Not because being a Youtuber is something you necessarily don’t have to study and go to school for, but because they think that a Youtubers’ work isn’t important enough to make a big paycheck.

I strongly disagree when people say that being a famous YouTuber is not a real job, and the simple reason why is because they get paid. If anyone gets paid for having to work on something on the daily or even weekly then it should be considered a job.

From my personal experience I know that being a part of YouTube isn’t as simple as the viewers and people who subscribe to your channel. When I began to upload videos online I noticed that it takes up a lot of your time to upload just one video.

Not only is it just turning the camera on and pressing record, sometimes Youtubers have to film more than once because they make a mistake while the camera rolls. Next comes editing, which is when things get a little more tricky and complicated. Because many YouTubers nowadays try their hardest to make videos look very professional and enjoyable, it can take a multitude of hours to finish.

Why don’t they keep it simple instead? The point of making videos for most YouTubers is to get views. With thousands of channels, viewers and subscribers will need to see videos that are interesting enough to watch and spend time on. If a YouTube video is edited lightly and not given enough effort, it would be very difficult to stay until the end of the video, if not even catch attention. Youtubers are basically marketers, producers, and directors, all wrapped into one

All of the well-known YouTubers worked really hard to get to where they are. Of course it’s not a typical job that a person has to physically attend to everyday, but just like any other job, the person is challenged to put in some effort and hard work to make money at the end of the day.