Dallas Cowboys Start Strong with Rookie Acquistions

Arturo Lopez, Staff Writer

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The Dallas Cowboys most certainly had a real productive 2016 draft. With a total of 1154 rushing yards and 2869 total offensive yards the cowboys have made their way into first place in NFC East division. For anyone who isn’t a cowboys fan the names Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott are most certainly recognizable names.

This pair have been making sports headlines these past couple of months due to their incredible athleticism in the game. This dynamic pair are now heading into week 9 with a 7-1 record and with the Browns coming up it’s most certainly going to turn into 8-1 record. Elliott and Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott might be the top two candidates for NFL offensive rookie of the year through five weeks.

Elliott has proven to be durable so far in his football career. From being fourth pick and first round pick from Ohio State in the draft he’s most certainly making his presence on the field Elliott is different among other running backs. He’s the most NFL-ready back from a blitz protection and pass-blocking standpoint to come along in over a decade.

Ever since the back injury of Tony Romo back in pre-season game against the Seahawks. Dak Prescott had to step up as a rookie and take man of the Dallas team. Prescott was drafted as the possible replacement for Tony Romo for one day as he was the #135 pick in the fourth round from Mississippi State.

Prescott has a total of 105 rushing yards alone and is rated as a 99.6 QB rating as a rookie. Prescott also broke the record that Tom Brady once had for most passes thrown as a rookie without getting intercepted. And all he’s done is lead Dallas to a 6-1 record, looking like a veteran rather than a rookie.

When asked about whether who should win the rookie of year trophy his response was “Nah, I mean I think we’ll put that in Ezekiel Elliott’s house for now. I mean, that’s not anything we’re worried about right now. We’re just worried about winning and I know Zeke thinks the same way I do. We’re just excited to be a part of this great organization and just being able to go out there and play this game. We want the goal at the end of the year. We’re not looking for personal accolades.”

Ultimately, the Cowboys haven’t had a great season like this in the past 5-6 years. With how the team chemistry is and how the roster looks right now it’s fair to say we’ll be seeing more of the, Cowboys throughout the season and who knows they might be our next Super Bowl champions.

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Dallas Cowboys Start Strong with Rookie Acquistions