Chicago Cubs Win First MLB Title in 108 Years

Agustin Chavez, Staff Writer

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After an intense 10 innings, a 17 minute rain delay, and 108 years of patience, the seemingly everlasting drought from the Cubs has finally come to an end, because on November 3rd, 2016 the Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians in the World Series with a score of 8-7.

“I was really hoping the Indians could have won, my team are the the Dodgers and I didn’t want to see the Cubs win because they kicked the Dodgers out of the World Series, but overall it was an intense and shocking game,” said junior Joey Gonzalez.

In the early 1900s, the Cubs have been one of the most dominant teams by entering three consecutive world series in 1906-08, and being the first Major league team in history to win it twice in a row during those years. The fans and players felt unstoppable, due to their record of 116 victories, and a having the best winning percentage, (.763), in the league. However, their streak was short lived. After the win against the Detroit Tigers in 08, the team, and the fans would never win the world series for over a century, until now.

Yes sir, it is a great year for the Cubs, their last appearance in a World series was in 1945 and 71 years later they beat the odds and won. Now we can finally say we lived to see the day where the Cubs won their long overdue World series game. Not to mention an incredible season, finishing their regular seasons with the best major league record, and reaching their 100 win mark with 103 total wins.

It almost seemed like the Chicago Cubs would never win a World Series, the fans and community even came with theories and curses that could prove why they couldn’t win a World Series anymore. The team was supposedly told to be cursed after 1945, which is infamously known as the Billy Goat curse. A curse allegedly put by Billy Sianis after being kicked out of a World Series game, due to his smelly goat that kept bothering the fans. Billy Sianis exact words were, “the Cubs ain’t gonna win no more!”

The team has experienced tough luck through the the years, and the fans were tired of the long wait. Overall the team had an excellent year, and the fans got what they want. From now on we might be expecting the start of a new trend from the Chicago Cubs.

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Chicago Cubs Win First MLB Title in 108 Years