iOs 10

Fatima Aroma, Staff Writer

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With the iPhone 7 out, Apple decided to come out with a new update. On the lockscreen, they changed “slide to unlock” to “press home to unlock”. When you press on the home button, you are able to enter your passcode to enter. Sliding to the right opens the camera, and sliding to the left opens “Today’s Widgets”.

On the widgets, you are able to see upcoming events from your calendar, news, the weather, upcoming destinations in your maps, upcoming reminders, and stocks. However, you are able to edit these.

Emojis increased their size and you are able to change words into emojis by clicking on the highlighted words.  For example, if you type ‘lol’ if you press on the emojis keyboard, and press the highlighted word, you are able to replace the word with the laughing emoji. They also changed how some of the emojis look. They changed the gun emoji to a water gun. For some of the human emojis, the color of their clothes had changed.

When sending a message, you’re able to send an effect with your message using Invisible Ink. For example, by typing in ‘congrats!’ confetti falls down your screen. You can also send pictures, such as drawings through digital touch.

The control center is more spacious. The icons used to be clumped together, but now they put space in between. If you were to be listening to music, you have to swipe right to fix the volume, pause, forward and rewind. You are able to switch to Night Shift mode, or turn on AirPlay or Airdrop.  

Personally, I feel like the update looks similar to Samsung. For example, the lockscreens look similar once it receives a notification. However, the Android has the ‘slide to unlock’ option. The iOS10 emojis also remind me of the emojis from Samsung. Besides these features, I feel like the update looks similar to the iOS 9 update. One feature that I do like from the update is the ability to delete preinstalled apps, such as the calendar, weather or voice memos. To be honest, there wasn’t much change in the update, so I feel neutral.