Keep Our School Clean

Agustin Chavez

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Keep Our School Clean

Agustin Chavez, Staff Writer

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        You got invited over to your girlfriend or boyfriend’s home to meet the parents, you wouldn’t want to be looking like slob, would you? Most people would want to make a great impression and dress sharply, just like a restaurant owner would want to keep the place clean and inviting.

       We as students, represent our school, some of us might fail to recognize that, but the condition of our school and how it it looks to visitors or new students is dependent on how we choose to treat it. Recently in a field trip to California State University, Dominguez Hills, my peers and I noticed something completely odd and fascinating that none of us have ever seen. Trash on the tables was non-existent and the floor was completely spotless. It wouldn’t have been surprising if we saw the cement floor sparkle. Not to mention the restrooms were in great condition.

      Let us not forget that we share the school with middle and high school students. It is our second home, we would spend most of our middle school and high school years in this school, so isn’t it reasonable to treaty this place like our home away from home and clean after ourselves.

     The janitors at are school who are generous and hard working individuals are stuck cleaning a huge campus everyday as if every new day was a huge party being held at our school.

   The cement floors are stained with dried gum and lunch tables are left with trash even though trash cans are in line of sight which we can easily access. It’s times like these that make us wonder, why haven’t the trash cans gone extinct yet.

      We have many great and intelligent students here at Rancho Dominguez Preparatory School. Many already are ready to face whatever the world has to to throw at them, and we have many that are participant in our community and sports. We are all capable of keeping our school clean, it takes baby steps, we are a pack, we are a family we walk through the hallways and we know all the different faces. It is up to our decisions on how we should treat our home, not the staff, you. You have the decision to choose how the school will represented, the pack is your family and this is your home. Let go Lobos!