Maya and the Three


by Juan Melendez and Yamile Rocha

Emily Loy, Staff Writer

 If you’ve ever seen the popular 2014 movie, “The Book of Life”, you may surely enjoy the new animated Netflix series, “Maya and the Three”. Maya and the Three is a limited Netflix series about Maya, who has just turned 15, who goes on a ripping adventure, in search of three legendary warriors that must make their way to the underworld and help her fight Lord Mictlan (The God of War) and fulfill the prophecy of her people.On her adventure she constantly faces gods who have the intentions of sacrificing her themselves so they may become powerful. 

  In total this short series has exactly 9 episodes, with a run time ranging from 26 minutes to 44 minutes. For a show that is put into the children’s section (rated TV-Y7), certain subjects may go over the heads of younger audiences but will be caught on by older audiences. It makes the show enjoyable for both younger and older audiences. But being TV-Y7 Maya and the Three may be a little too violent for younger viewers during the fight scenes.

 The writer and director of this fantasy show is Jorge R. Gutiérrez. Featured voice actors include, Zoe Saldana (Known for being featured in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies), Diego Luna (Featured in The Book of Life), Stephanie Beatriz (Featured in The Lego Movie 2), Gabriel Iglesias (Featured in Ferdinand), and Allen Maldonado. They all did extremely well voice acting for this animated short series.

   The Character designs include an excellently done color scheme that includes both bright and dark colors. Every character has their own style which makes them unique to other characters. If you pay close attention to the art style in Maya and the Three, it is very similar to the art style of The Book of Life. That may be the result from Jorge R. Gutiérrez, who had animated The Book of Life. The art style had been my favorite part about the series. It is like eye candy, seeing everyone’s unique design, it being unparalleled by any other series I’ve seen. It makes the show very unique. That is what made me think highly of the short series. Overall, I find it a great series.