Edwin Gomez, School Climate Advocate

A new position for a familiar face.


Maile Lei Boyer, Staff Writer


Edwin Gomez, who we all knew as a campus aide, has been promoted to a new position: School Climate Advocate. LAUSD came up with the idea of a school climate advocate to help the kids that are going through a lot after the pandemic, so now Gomez can and will hopefully cheer you up and make your day a little better than it is.

“Now I am friendly, well I was friendly before but now I have to gain that respect again,” Gomez said. “As
a campus aid, I talked to students but I couldn’t do a lot because it wasn’t under my category and now that I am a school climate advocate I can actually do what I have been wanting to do,” he said. “It’s fun working with students” said Mr. Gomez.

“It’s more about creating positive vibes, making the student feel safer and more happy, which is why I’m al- ways out there every morning saying nice things like, “have a good day or good morning.” “This posi- tion is harder because the students see me as a campus aid or security as I’m always yelling and telling them what to do, but i don’t do that anymore.”