Cases Cancelling Sports



Drawing by Luis Perez

Luis Perez, Staff Writer

  Due to Covid-19, we are all in a global pandemic right now and students are not able to go to school. We are learning through online school but there is only so much we can do online. We can learn, do homework, and the academic side of school but due to the nature of how the school is now conducted, sports have been negatively impacted.


          Many sports around the world have been postponed due to Covid-19 in order to slow down the rate of infection. Several student-athletes have been affected as the upcoming sports season is expected to have several regulations that take away the fun of being involved in these extracurricular activities. Being in my senior year and I looked forward to being involved in sports as it was my last year to do so.  Due to the pandemic and the guidelines and regulations, it seems that sports would be unlikely to continue if things stay as they are now. Should they have canceled the sports or should they have continued them? 


I think sports is a really good activity to do in order to spend time with your family. Sports are also beneficial as it promotes your health by being physically active. I would say that sports do help you lose weight and it is true because I have seen a friend who was in sports and he would go practice almost every single day and he would go to games a lot but now that the pandemic started he has gained a little weight and he is not being physical at all which is bad. Sports help us in many different ways.


          Sports is just more than playing a game. Sports can be a major factor in our health as well. Sports help us reach our fitness goals if we have any and they also help you maintain a healthy weight. Sports also help us make decisions on what we do in our daily lives. It helps us make good decisions like not smoking and not drinking which many young people do and instead work to achieve a healthier body. Sports are more than that though. Sports have hidden health benefits which are lowering the chance of osteoporosis or breast cancer later in life. I would think twice before making a decision about canceling sports.