Making the Most of the Holidays

Emily Sanchez, Staff Writer

Many people across the U.S. are starting to plan for fall and winter celebrations and are ready to do their holiday traditions. For some people, this year the holidays won’t feel the same because of the current situation we are in right now and of the many lives we have lost this year.

 “It’s pretty upsetting to think that all the things we’ve done in the past more than likely won’t be achieved in these holidays, but it is what it is,” said Valerie Ontiveros, a senior at Rancho Dominguez.

Most people are upset at the fact that they won’t be able to hangout with friends that much and go on adventures  because most places are closed. The holidays might not be the same as other years but we can try to make the best out of it by doing fun activities and decorating at home. You can do the things you would do every year and still stay safe at the same time. Staying safe is our main priority. We can stay safe these holidays by limiting the amount of guests, using masks, and staying six feet apart.

“I’m not really worried about the holidays but I do know that it’s going to feel a little off Christmas and thanksgiving but I’m still grateful that I can spend time with my close family,” said Lizelle Morales, a sophmore.

For the holidays my family and I are limiting the amount of guests and doing online shopping. Spending time with family and making new memories is the most important thing, as well as being grateful. Even if the beginning of the year wasn’t so great we can at least wrap up the year with positive vibes.

“I’m not worried about the upcoming holidays because the holidays don’t mean anything without family and spending time together,” said Cesar Gutierrez, a junior.

Although it was a tough year these last months should be memorable. They’re also a real eye opener to people that you can make it through anything and everything and we should still push forward. Regardless of everything, people can still go out once in a while and do the things they love to do during the holidays but still follow all proticals.

Other people might not spend time with their families this year especially if their family is out of state, or even country. People are still scared to travel out of state so they plan on staying home. Many hope that everything is better next year. For those that aren’t seeing their families the best thing they can do is celebrate at home. Stay safe and everyone should make the best out of the situation and be happy that everyone is doing okay