Using My Arm to Learn Makeup

Instead of practicing on your face, using other parts of your body can be just as helpful.

Berenice Becerra

Instead of practicing on your face, using other parts of your body can be just as helpful.

Berenice Becerra, Staff Writer

Makeup is my art; it’s my way to express myself creatively and emotionally. It’s another way for me to kind of escape from everything and just feel free. It’s so much fun to explore all the different sets of foundations and pallets. From what I can remember, when I was only six years old, I was obsessed with makeup, I loved it. Of course I didn’t know much about it when I was six, but throughout the years I got more into it and I took it from there. I realized that it wasn’t something that people use to attempt to change who they are and what features they have; it’s for them to express themselves and use art in another way just like with dance.  

For example, people dance to express themselves and to assert their individuality. I came to realize that I truly had a passion for it and it was something I wanted to do. I wanted to see how far I can go and how far it would take me in the future, and that’s where it all began. For the past four to five years, all I would do was practice, practice, and practice. 

From watching makeup gurus to tutorials, I started getting better at it. It wasn’t until one day I got on Instagram and I came across this post that showed how someone was drawing and doing an eyeshadow look on their arm. Strange right? But once I saw the finished look, I gasped and was just amazed at how realistic it looked. That really caught my attention and I thought why not try it for myself. The next day I had gotten everything ready and attempted it. I wanted to attempt to make the same one as the one I saw on the post. 

As I began, I started getting frustrated. I tend to quit and just give up if something doesn’t go like the way I want it to. They made it look so easy when it was actually pretty hard. I spent two hours trying to do the same look as the one I saw. I took a deep breath and got to finish it, I was so surprised at how it came out. I didn’t think I would be able to pull this eye look off and make it look almost the same as the one one on the post. It felt really good and I wanted to show it off and had posted it on my Snapchat story. I remember someone replied to my story that day and told me that I did a pretty good job on it and asked me how I did it.

 From there I didn’t think to stop, I looked up more looks and I kept on working on my craft. I decided to make an Instagram account and post some of the looks I did. Everyday I was motivated to make more looks and was even more determined. It wasn’t easy but I pulled through, it takes alot for someone to have enough patience to be precise with making every look. I’m glad I have found my passion.