Updates on Culmination and Graduation

Luis Perez, Staff Writer

 During this pandemic we are not able to go to school in person which means we might not have a graduation for seniors and a culmination for eighth graders. 

“We definitely would like to hold these ceremonies for our students’ sake,” said Ms. Lew. “As of right now, the district has not made any announcements on these ceremonies.” 

 The school is trying to have a safe and healthy graduation for this year and many students would like to do that on a stage with all their friends. 

“Last year we were able to recognize students for Grade 8 Culmination and the Class of 2020 Culmination with videos that featured each of the students,” Ms. Lew noted. We were also able to have car parades for each of the grade levels. During the Class of 2020 Culmination, most students wore their cap and gown in addition to decorating their cars. Many of our staff members were able to come and cheer on our students as they passed by in the car parade.”

If we are not able to celebrate culmination or graduation on campus, the school will find a way to honor those students as was the case with last year.          

“I’ll feel upset that we went through all four years trying our best so we won’t have a graduation. I would be pretty upset about it,” declared senior Samantha Rios.

Samantha Rios is looking forward to walking the stage, signifying all the hard work she has done for all four years and will celebrate that achievement with family and friends. 

“I would like to walk the stage, see my friends again and we will say goodbye since we aren’t 100% sure if we would see each other again,” she said.

Rios wants to have the idealized version of graduation she anticipated four years prior and the feeling of success that comes along with it. 

While Rios has a sullen feeling about the conclusion of her senior year, the eighth graders have a different opinion on the matter. 

 “It’s whatever if they give it to me I will take it but if they don’t I will not complain about it,” said Ivan Perez, an eighth grader.

 It doesn’t matter for him if they have a culmination or not. He is cool with either. Perez adds that he would like culminating through Zoom because at the end of the day he is still culminating. 

 On the other hand, Denise Esquivias has more mixed feelings about culmination.

”It’s okay if we don’t have a culmination but that will be the last time I get to see my friends since some might leave,” she said. ”Zoom or in person, as long as we earned our spot in culmination I am fine with it.”

Denise wants to have a culmination at school with all her friends to enjoy the moment and say their last goodbyes in person. Some are looking forward to culmination and others are not but we will do what is safest for the community. 

 “Once the district has identified these guidelines, Rancho Dominguez will ensure that we meet all requirements,” stated Ms. Lew. 

Either way, if there is or isn’t a graduation/culmination, students will want that satisfaction of completion, that satisfaction when students are on the stage shaking the principal’s hand and taking their diploma knowing that they’ve passed all their classes.