2020 Dodgers

Michelle Fermin, Corrections editor

The Dodgers 2020 baseball season, like many other things, has been affected by the pandemic. The season was originally delayed by two weeks, but that delay quickly turned into four months. Despite many obstacles, the Dodgers are having an amazing year.

The baseball season usually starts in March with 162 games, this year it started in late July and only has 60 games. The MLB has placed many protocols in place this year to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus. Multiple teams have had virus outbreaks, but the Dodgers have followed protocols, and avoided any team outbreaks.

A.J Pollock told interviewers that,” I had a couple more days of symptoms like body aches, a little congestion, loss of smell,” he said. “It was crazy. It was frightening.”

Multiple Dodger players have revealed that they were infected. Relief pitcher Kenley Jansen and outfielder A.J Pollock both revealed that they have recovered from their stint with the virus. They reported late to Spring Training for the safety of others. 

The Dodgers have found a lot of success this year; they have the most wins in baseball this year. They were the first team to secure a spot in the postseason and got first place in their division, the NL West. The Dodgers ended the regular season with a 43-17 record. The team has lost one series this season and has won fourteen against various teams. With them securing a postseason spot, they will have to quarantine for two weeks and will play the first round of the postseason at Dodger Stadium. This is the eighth season in a row the Dodgers have won their division. The Dodgers beat the Milwaukee Brewers in the Wild Card round and have advanced to the Division Series. They will play the San Diego Padres this round in Arlington, Texas, the Dodgers had a 6-4 record against them in the regular season.

The greatest weakness is getting clutch play from the veteran Dodgers in the playoffs,” said Mr.Wong, Athletic Director at Rancho Dominguez.

        The Dodger’s greatest weakness; is their ability to maintain consistent pitching. The bullpen (relief pitchers) has not been consistent, fans hope that they will be able to do better leading to the postseason. The Dodgers are the strongest team this season. They have a well-rounded team and have been able to make multiple comebacks in games this season, this shows their resilience. The star of this season is newly acquired Mookie Betts, he’s a frontrunner for this year’s NL MVP award.