Fit at Home: Exercising While in Quarantine


Salvador Zamora

Gabriel Heater runs at Domiguez Park

As COVID continues to sweep the nation, this deadly virus has not only impacted the infected, but on the healthy as we have been a sedentary lifestyle for the past several months. We must maintain our mental and physical state in good health; as since we tend to be indoors more often, it becomes exceptionally easier for people to become less active. Isolation also takes its toll on the human body as over time people can develop depression during the pandemic.


Salvador: To be physically fit, is first to be mentally fit. Whether one plans to take on their physical health positively or in general, mental health matters. I maintained my mental health through conversations with my friends while playing games or limiting social media and reading a book. Yes, books are still relevant even more so today as it beats being glued to a screen all day. Likewise, when the summer started and restrictions began to lift, my friends and I decided to go out and get back into shape! While my friends had workouts and either trained muscle or lost weight, I just wanted to stay active. I did so by running laps around my local park, walking around the park or neighbor, and often venturing into areas (by walking) outside of my neighborhood. These adventures would last longer than the walks as walking can be around an hour or so when I reach three miles. The adventures, however, would be even longer at almost six or more miles. Overall, it benefited my health and kept me active during the summer. 

Jacob: In the first two months of quarantine I went through a gray zone of not doing anything active. So I figured I needed a good routine which consisted of home exercises such as using the weights I have at home and looking up videos on YouTube to do back exercises, leg exercises, and stomach exercises. I started running for a while, but once the fires began it became unhealthy to run outside because of the air quality. For the most part, I feel better having a workout routine and feeling fit. I’m not good with diets which is bad because I need a good diet to balance out my exercises. I started portion control where I try not to eat excessively and just eat because I’m bored. 

Gabriel: As the pandemic did to all students, we were required to undergo drastic changes in our everyday lives.  The cancelation of the swim team bummed me out as I was particularly passionate about the sport. After creating strong bonds, it really took a toll on me as I felt the season was robbed from us. As we continued to take our classes on zoom I realized that I lost the motivation I used to have. My social life deteriorated as I lived my life behind a screen. In order to rebuild my self-esteem along with my physical health, I started exercising more, which included a full body 28-day workout plan that I found on YouTube. This consisted of bodyweight exercises that focused on the chest, arms, legs, back, and abs. I also added some cardio by going on runs and long walks every so often at the park. After about a month into this routine, I can tell that the physical state was improving along with my self-esteem. Now I am in a generally more upbeat mood than I was at the start of the pandemic. 

Despite the current state of the world and much of its effect, it is important to stay active. First, you must be mentally fit and that can stem from reading a book, talking, or other forms of media, but more importantly, taking in the sun. To be physically fit isn’t pushing yourself to the limit, but it can be a simple walk or good enough sleep. Also, remember to keep the distance and wear a mask. Be overall productive, have a routine to keep yourself moving, and keep your mind healthy, stay off your phone for a while and mellow down once in a while.