Eileen on the Edge

Quarantine Edition


Veronica Zamora

Eileen back in the days when we still went to school.

Eileen Ann Topacio, Managing Editor

Since we’re stuck at home with absolutely nothing to do I’m sure, you’ve tried baking for the first time and probably added twenty more hours into your favorite video game. Well I have something in store for you. It is simply called music. Don’t get me wrong, music can take a bunch of time, especially when you have a ton of song options to choose from. The question is though: where can I find good music? Try these tips and I’m sure you’ll be able to find something you like?

Actually listen to those Spotify and SoundCloud recommends. I am actually guilty of this, but usually I stick to the same old same old. I never really venture out into what these platforms recommend to me but I’ve tried it recently and I have found so many songs that I absolutely love! There are even quarantine playlists that these platforms have also made, which of course sets the mood for everyone. But it kind of scares me with how good these platforms know my taste, makes me wonder…

Listen to the whole album. Many of my hidden gems come from an artist’s underrated songs. Find an artist that you absolutely love and check out what other songs they have! You could fall under the trap of liking only their popular songs, but there are so many other options out there for you to venture out on. 

Check out trendy TikTok songs. Yes, I know I know. This probably wouldn’t apply to everyone but honestly I have been finding catchy and popular songs on this app. Although people do have mixed emotions on this app, I genuinely enjoy it! There’s so much variety to the app; all different types of people like to share their own sense into it.

Ask friends and family (online of course) to recommend songs that you might like. I love this one because you have the opportunity to bond with others. A fun thing to do is have someone make you a playlist of songs you might like and you do the same for them. This is also the ultimate test for friendship to see if you guys really know each other, and also on the other hand super fun. In the end, you’ll have a very special playlist made for you!

There’s definitely a ton of other things that you can do to find music but these are my favorite. Although this is a very difficult time for all of us, we are all in the end able to come together with music and uplift each other. So turn on that speaker, grab your pet and start listening to quarantine tunes!