Boys Soccer ‘Shoots Their Shot’

Boys Soccer Successfully Made it to Playoffs!


Manny Zamora, Copy Desk

As the Junior Varsity (who had just lost 2-0) left the pitch, the Varsity Lobos took the field, determined to beat the Narbonne Gauchos.

Not only would a win help secure the Lobos a spot in the playoffs, but it would also bring a positive feeling to the senior night celebration. Finally, the starting whistle was blown and the battle commenced.

It wasn’t long before the first goal was scored. Unfortunately, it was against the Lobos but that did not bring down the morale of the players who continued to move the ball around.

It was hard for the Lobos to get through the defense, but nevertheless attempted to create chances in order to get on the scoresheet. The Lobos, visually frustrated, were not able to score and went into halftime down 1-0.

Not long after the start of the first half, tragedy struck. On a very important run up play Rancho Junior, Pablo Ojeda, sent a long ball over the defenders, with only one defender and a goalkeeper between him and a goal.

The goalie running full speed collided with his defending teammate and fell unconscious, blood flowing from his mouth.

The ambulance arrived and halted the game for over 10 minutes, until finally he was removed from the field and the game continued.

The Narbonne Gauchos managed to score yet another two goals, while also guarding their own. At the end of the game, the final score was 3-0, with the Gauchos overcoming the Lobos.

Although the Lobos did not win the game, it was not enough to stop the Lobos from having a great celebration, commemorating this year’s senior class and their contribution to the team; they had a chance to reminisce on their high school experience with soccer.

My coaches always gave me motivation which helped me improve as a player. (Soccer) made me a more respectful person…so it impacted me not only on the field but off it as well

— Adrian Sanchez

Sanchez, along with a number of players, believed that the soccer team helped shape them as individuals.

The ceremony was emotional and coach Chad Gomez gave his thanks to the seniors, since this was his first year here and their last.

“I’ve never like, played people who have never played soccer before,” added Nate Gomez. “I think seeing them and helping them evolve as a player has helped me become a better teammate.”

The impact that these players have had on the team is mutual, with both sides gaining positive attributes from one another.

These lessons will live on with them as they explore their future not only in soccer, but also in life.

For now, the players are able to remember what they did for the team, and what being on the team has done for them.

The thing that Sanchez will miss the most, according to him, will be “Playing soccer with my teammates that I grew up with back in elementary and middle school.”

Despite the loss, the team was able to advance to playoffs and came out victorious against their first match up, New Design, on 2/13/2020. Now, the boys soccer team will face off against Amino Venice on February 19th.