Horrible Netflix Movies to See

Brianna Cervantes, Staff Writer

Wyatt Obird, 7th Grade: “Don’t Mess With The Zohan”(PG-13)

“I just watched, ‘Don’t Mess With The Zohan’, it’s an Adam Sandler movie, it’s about his character, Zohan, from Iran, he came over to America to become a hairstylist, but then he starts to cut old women’s hair and becomes intimate with them, and yeah it’s just not a great movie. I mean, I liked it, it’s Adam Sandler, he’s hilarious. And then this his enemy from Iran, he faked his death so he could come to America, and that guy came to kill him, and in the end they both worked it out and it was just stupid. The only reason that made this movie really bad was probably the fact that he had raunchy relations with the senior ladies he would cut hair for”

Daishawn Anderson, 9th Grade: “Tall Girl”(TV-PG)

“I have two, a movie and a series, but a movie that I hate on Netflix is ‘Tall Girl’,  that was so bad, the plot was so bad. So basically, this girl named Jodi Kreyman was a very tall high schooler, and everyone was always making tall jokes about her, and she constantly got mad and insecure about herself. She had a sister named Harper who was a fashion star. Her parents did not really care about her at all. But then, she met this dude who liked her but also liked another girl, who sorta cheated on her but not really. Then, she met this other dude from Canada or something, and the plot was just all over the place and didn’t make any sense.”

Leilani Boyer, 9th Grade: “Monster Family”(PG)

“My movie is ‘Monster Family’. And basically, the plot of that, it was basically no plot. So in the beginning, there are two kids who are pretty bratty. I think one was getting bullied in school. So, the mom of the children decides that she wants to go to this Halloween themed concert that she would take all the kids to. So, she takes the whole family there, and when they get there, they realize it’s a rock concert, and they don’t like rock. They end up being on stage for some reason to sing to the people. It was this whole embarrassing scene where they sing ‘Memory’, or something like that, and then they get kicked out of the auditorium. And for no apparent reason at all, a witch curses them to be monsters until they do something for her. Dracula also appears, apparently, because he wants to be with the mom, even though she has a husband. So, the whole thing was that he would turn the whole family back into regular humans if the mom got with Dracula. Overall, it was just poorly written and a bad movie.”

Erwin Ferrer, 9th Grade: “The Week Of”(TV-14)

“So, the movie ‘The Week Of’, it’s because that movie is super bad. The plot was super bad. The way Adam Sandler’s character was portrayed was very bad. The way the movie was directed was just dumb. It was about this hard working dad and his daughter. His daughter was getting married to another guy, and the guy’s dad was rich, but Adam Sandler didn’t want the father to help to pay for the wedding, so he had to act extra hard. But the father of the groom wanted to put in money and help since he was rich, but Sandler refused. The wedding ended up being bad, because Sandler was broke. The other father wanted to make it better, but Sandler had too much pride to let him help him.”