The newest season of Netflix’s “Mindhunter” has viewer astonished yet again. The season premiered on August 16 and was a great follow up on season 1. It brought the suspense, logic, and iconic serial for which it is known for.

We start off just after the end of season 1, where detective Holden has been hospitalized. It seems as though this will be a big plot point throughout the entire series. Sadly, it’s not as it is only explored during the first few episodes. In fact, the entire focus of the show shifts from Holden to his coworkers, Bill Tench and Wendy Carr. It goes deeper into the personal lives of both, where there is so much drama happening. Bill deals with his family, while they opt to take a look at Carrs relationship life. Wendy also happens to become a larger part of the team, showing a hint of woman empowerment. These make up the conflict of the entire season.

The other big thing about season 2 was the serial killers that were featured. After making a great big deal about Charles Manson in season 1, fans were disappointed to find out that he was only featured for one episode. This essentially killed the hype surrounding him and thus let everyone down. They did add some other notable characters such as the Son of Sam David Berkowitz, William Pierce, and William Hance. They all made up for the absence of interests caused by Manson.

The main mystery that needs to be solved in this season is the 1970’s Atlanta murders that left 27 men and children dead. It is a pretty interesting case because of the fact that so many died. In fact, to this day most of the murders remained unsolved. It ties in directly to both Holden and Tench’s personal lives greatly. Both intertwined make for an excellent case to follow.

Overall, the show had some faults, but still remained strong. It maintains the shows status of being one of the bet mystery shows of all time. It is worth the watch and you should check it out.