Off to a Rough Start

Anthony Arroyo, Staff Writer

The Rancho Dominguez Prep Football team faced Centennial High School on Friday the 13th and featured various “scary” moments to accompany the eerie date.

The game began with a kickoff by Rancho which was followed by a penalty on the Lobos. With some luck junior, Jacob Linares, got his hands on a fumble allowing senior, Nathaniel Gomez, to kick the ball down the 47
yard line on the 4th down.

Near the end of the first quarter the Apaches managed to get two touchdowns ending the first quarter 12-0. By the second quarter Rancho managed to get back in the game and kick it off with a successful catch by senior, Houston Petty, who managed to get to the 30 yard line before being downed.

However, the Apaches quickly retaliated with the Lobos being intercepted and the Apaches scoring a touch-down. Yet again senior, Houston Petty, was able to get good yardage and brought the ball down to the 39 yard line. But, by the third down Rancho was pushed back to the 30 yard line and then on the 4th down they were pushed back even further to the 10 yard line; they were left unable to score.

“We’ve been working on the fundamentals, but Houston considering it was his first game without practice, did really good,” said Coach Hollister.

By the third quarter, the Apaches scored yet another touchdown and tried going for a field goal which was successfully blocked by the Lobos. By the end of the third quarter a chilling injury occurred and left freshman, Rhon Wilbert, was hit and suffered a hip contusion.

“There’s not much we can do to prevent injuries.
That’s tough, he was a good player for a freshman on the
varsity football team,” said Coach Hollister.

The third quarter was almost over with Rancho down 39-0. They were stuck in a tight situation which became even more dire by the end of the 3rd quarter when the Apaches made yet another touchdown, closing the quarter with an unnerving score of 45-0. Rancho attempts to make a comeback by the 4th quarter with senior, Houston Petty, receiving the ball and managing to get to the 35 yard line. Petty is backed up by senior, Marc Collins, gaining 5 more yards and getting another first down. This is followed by a long pass that’s very close, but incomplete. The Lobos are intercepted and the game ends 45-0 with Centennial High School taking the win.

The “horrific” loss ultimately came about from “missed tackles and turnovers” according to coach Anderson. The coaches plan to have players work more on blocking, tackling, and conditioning.