Mrs.Tetreault, Instructional Coach


Wasyl Rebenczuk, Staff Writer

Mrs. Tetreault, a science teacher, now has a new role for this semester as an instructional coach. This role entails helping out teachers with whatever capacity they need, like basic assistance in their lessons to co-teaching in those same lessons. She also can now act as a set of eyes to gauge how effective the students in the class communicate about their current lessons. As previously stated, she was a teacher in Rancho but in taking on her new role she misses some aspects of teaching. Mrs. Tetreault especially misses the interaction with students
that teaching provides. With this loss of interaction, she would not be able to see the growth in them after a lesson or class. But despite this loss she loves this new position and everything it does, it’s a new light that’s been shined on the education experience. She now is able to see and give feedback on the many styles of teaching that goes on at Rancho. She gets to reflect on what and how the lessons are being done, while as a teacher she was not able to do this previously due to the fast pace in the classroom. Previously, Mrs. Tetreault had no time to reflect on any of the strategies she did or the performance of the students but in her new position she can take the time to make suggestions or pay a compliment based off of what she saw.
So far this role has proven to be busy, and it’s been full with interactions between teacher and administrators. Though this new role can be quite time consuming, it is important to keep working towards her goals. In the first few weeks back to school, she found her foothold and more importantly her place in the classroom. She wants to help out math, English and other departments as well, support teachers with their lessons, create connections and help streamline the process in which learning is done. She plans to hopefully build a website that works on this streamlining that would have the resources that teachers would need, and give them the tools that are more readily available than before. Mrs. Teterault also wanted to make it specific to their type and style of their teaching methods.
Though it has only been three weeks in her new role so far, she has shown results in the small run with helping out as her job dictates. Something that she is looking forward to would be long term projects such as the brilliant website idea.
She then went on to say that if the chance and opportunity arose that it would be a good idea to have this role of institutional coach but at the middle school level. This would provide students with time to work specifically with their own grade level, her helping out with high school teachers and another teacher helping out the middle school teachers.