Mr.Page, Our New PSW Counsler

Leslie Andrade, Staff Writer

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Mr. Page is our new PSW (Psychiatric Social Worker) counselor here
at Rancho Dominguez. Before coming to Rancho, Mr. Page was working at non-profit for a counseling agency. He’s always enjoyed working in this type of field.
Page loves working with his students.
“Some students are different, they all have different situations
going on. But we’re all people, I’ve been there myself. It’s hard but we all get through it and that’s what I’m here for.”
Page continued, “I grew up in LA, and growing up we didn’t have this type of help especially in schools. I feel like if this type of assistance and support was there back then, a lot of people that I know (including myself) would have really benefited from it. We would have gone a lot further than we thought we would.”
Page is committed to making students feel better because he himself came from a very tough background.
“I’m really open, laid back and chill. I’m really easy to talk and open up to. I love giving the time and effort I need to make these students feel like they aren’t alone,”
said Page. He added, “I was raised with both of my parents but I was mainly with my mom, she’s my big supporter and is always there. So that really helped me a lot and I grew from that. Having that experience in my life made it a lot easier, as well as makes it a lot easier for
me to communicate with the kids as
“All of you guys make my day, and I love interacting with you guys. Even if it’s not about mental health, we can just talk about what happened over the weekend or about a school football game. I love my students, and no one is alone.” Mr. Page
is more than a counselor, he is also your friend as well.
A message to his students is, “I know it’s hard to come to school, the hardest part is waking up in the morning. Once you get past it, wake up, and get where you need to be, it’s all about committing yourself to being the best person that you want to be. So take that formula and want everyone to always apply it to every single day of your life, because you don’t know where you’ll be from one day to the next. Know how much of a commitment you can have to make sure that that day will be the best day that you’ll have.”
Mr. Page is on campus Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays in the Main Office.