From Classrooms To Dorm Rooms: Life After High School

Nancy Sanchez, Staff Writer

Do you ever wonder how your life would be after high
school? Well, some of our senior from class of 2019 came
back to tell you all about how their first few days of college have gone.
Sabrina Carranza is attending Los Angeles Harbor College, she is currently majoring in nursing. Her first day of college went better than she ever expected.
“Of course I had those first day jitters, especially going to a new school, but once I met up with my friend from my summer bridge classes, the nerves went away” she explained.
“At first I was nervous to be in a new environment, but as I went through the day I felt great. It was
exciting to finally be a college student!”
Sabrina explains that college classes are quite similar
to high school classes. The only difference would be having to manage your time by going over your syllabus and notes often, because most professors don’t remind you
when papers are due.
Some advice she has for the class of 2020 would be “to
have fun with all your friends! Once graduation hits and
summer is over, everyone goes their separate ways, especially those who go far for college…so, do your research
on what college or university is the best fit for you and
your major. Counselors there will help you figure out what
path you could take to figure out your future career!”
Pedro Morales goes to Cal State Dominguez Hills and
is majoring in computer science. His first day of college
went really good.
Morales tells us, “you are now responsible to go to
class since you’re paying for everything as far as classwork
or other things at school you need to commit to it” he said.
“My college classes are about an hour and fifteen minutes,
unless we have a lab after. Also, I think my classes now are
easier since you know what your assignments will be and
when they are due so, no surprises.”
He explains that it was hard for him to find his classes
because it’s a new environment and the buildings names
were unfamiliar. In addition, Pedro is not having difficulty
managing his time because the classes aren’t long and you
can manage between class breaks.
“Some advice I’d give to my classmates are to be prepared. Be ready to be responsible for what you do in the future and to try new things.”
Similar to Morales, Paulina Rosas is also attending Cal
State Dominguez Hills, she is currently majoring in psychology but she says it is subject to change in the future.
“My first day was definitely a little nerve wracking and
interesting, but most of all it was new and lonely seeing as
how I was in a new environment completely surrounded
by unknown people. It was something I’m not used to
since I’ve been around the same people from elementary
until high school.”
Paulina explains that it wasn’t too hard to find her
classes because the upperclassmen were around helping
newly arrived students. For Paulina it hasn’t been hard
having to manage her time but she knows that as the semester progresses it will get a bit difficult with projects and finals.
“Some advice I would give to the class of 2020 is definitely not procrastinate with application of scholarships,but to also keep in mind that it isn’t mandatory to enter college immediately after graduating high school. There are many options available, you just have to look, its your future after all. Others shouldn’t control it for you.”
Ivy Gonzalez also attends California State University
of Long Beach, and is currently majoring in Speech Language Pathology. Ivy’s first day was also her moving day,
so it was very hectic and nerve-racking.
“My first day of class went really smoothly yet it was
very busy. It was interesting being in a new environment
and being on your own, it felt weird yet great” Ivy said.
“The first day for me was busy because I had three classes
that day with one being a night class. So I was on campus
all day unless I went back to my dorm to rest and eat.”
Most of Ivy’s classes are usually an hour and fifteen
minutes long except for her phonetics class which is 3
hours long. She didn’t get lost on her first day because
Ivy went a couple days before to find the general areas of
where the classes would be located, so on her first day she
knew where to go without having to worry about going to
the wrong class.
“Some advice for the class of 2020 is to enjoy your last
year of high school and have fun because it will go by so
fast. Also try getting a job , college is really expensive, especially books and you’ll also be spending going out with friends and other expenses too. Apply for scholarships
doesn’t matter how little they are money is money and it
will start to accumulate into more. It’s also ok if you’re not
sure what you want to do or where you want to go, most of
us are still trying to figure ourselves out. Do your research
and inform yourself and ask for help, especially from your
college counselors or even from alumni. At the end, everything will work out just take it seriously and don’t stressyourself out.”
The idea of planning the next four years of your life
and going to college is very scary, especially when you’re
just realizing that you’re finally a senior. While we know it
doesn’t get much easier, it’s nice to know that there is still
room to grow even after high school.