UEFA Concludes

Manny Zamora, Corrections

After a long and tiresome competition, the UEFA
Champions League is coming to a close, with English teams Tottenham Hotspurs facing Liverpool in
the final on June 1st. This will be the Reds’ second
year in a row going to it, while it will be Tottenham’s
first time in over the last twenty years. Liverpool has
shown the to be fan favorite as they beat the very
elite team Barcelona in the semifinal. Tottenham, is
the clear underdog as they have built a reputation for
choking in all their tournaments.
Last year, the final was very intense as the notorious Real Madrid played Liverpool in an amazing match. Real Madrid came out victorious and left
the Reds a mere inches away from clutching a title.
Liverpool hopes to not repeat history come victorious over the Spurs. Liverpool has wide range of
elite players who working together play a beautiful
game. They came in second in the Premier League,
falling only one pint behind the champion. Manchester City.
Meanwhile, Tottenham, who came in fourth in
the Premier League, hope to finally take a Champions League title. They got their ticket to the final
after beating Ajax, who were on a hot streak of their
own. While Tottenham also boasts a wide variety of
high and world class players, they have not shown to
work as well as the Reds. This creates a clearly defined line between the probability of each winning.
It is a surprising final as Tottenham was never to
have been thought to even be far in the tournament. It
is also odd to see that the Champions League, which
was created to have the best teams from European
countries play, has been dominated by two English
country. Usually, you see a mixture of Spanish and
English teams. In years father back, the tournament
has been controlled by Italian teams like Juventus
or Inter Milan. This was not the case this year. This
shows that this season, England pretty much had the
strongest teams in the region.
The way most people see it, Liverpool has one
of the easiest chances to take Champions League.
There could also be a great upset by the Spurs, which
would essentially shock everyone. As an underdog
supporter, it would be nice to see Tottenham to take
the championship for the first time rather than see
Liverpool take it once again.