Softball Steps Up To The Plate

Renz Dungo, Staff Writer

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With the ending of the season for the Rancho softball
team, they’ve had a hopeful season. In the end their sea-
son record was 3-7. Although the Lobos entered Marine
League for the first time, they qualified for the play-offs. Their first game was against Franklin, which they
won 7-2. Although in the end they lost to Legacy 12-
2, it showed that the Lobos could keep up with Marine
League teams.
“We tried our best, we gave it all we had. We made
a couple of mistakes. Towards the end we did make the
playoffs. One thing we could have fixed was our fielding,” said freshmen Natalie Olivares.
The team that the Lobos lost to, Legacy, was 9-3 in their league and eventually making it to the champion-
“We lost to a good team, we lost to a team that eventually went to the championship. Do I feel bad that we lost
to them? No. We lost to a good team,” said Coach Tatnall.
Although the season was more of learning experience for the Lobos. Many players were getting into new
roles and new positions. For Junior, Marissa Salas it was
the beginning of a new position for her. Now playing as
shortstop and mainly 2nd base after being switched from
her previous position on the left field.
“I moved up a position and I had to be more active. I
played 2nd base and shortstop. Shortstop had the most
stress for me, but with 2nd base I received a lot of hits.”
said Salas.
While for Senior Mandy Zuniga the new Softball Sea-
son had opened her up more because she was assigned
captain for the softball team. She says it’s been a wonderful experience having a leadership role.
“It helped me as now I’m not as shy anymore. I’ve been
talking to a lot of groups with my teammates. It’s helped
me in the long run with communicating and learning new
leadership skills,” Zuniga said.
The Marine league played a major part in the season
for the Lobos. Facing new schools was an unfamiliar
experience to them since they faced harder competition
than teams Exposition league.
“It made me scared at first knowing that Exposition
was the easier league, but it showed me that we’re not
done learning and there’s still much to do,” said Salas.
Even though the softball team didn’t go far in the play-
offs, Coach Tatnall sees potential in his team. Most of the
team are underclassmen so they have time to improve.
The team will play summer ball. Mostly at the park,
but they will be taught by another coach.
Recalling her season Zuniga says it was a great memory. She learned a lot with her new experience in the Marine League.
“Just be strong and just be empower each other. I wish
them luck in the future for all their games,” Zuniga concluded.