Baseball Ends Early

Sean McCray, Sports Editor

After going 23-0 [prior to forfeiting their games] last
year, many would say the baseball team has fallen from
grace. This year Rancho’s baseball team had a record of
zero wins and ten losses (0-10) in league, but went 6-15
overall. Although it looks like the team is worsening, the
Lobos were able to move up from Exposition League and
advance a Division to playoffs.
On May 15th, 2019 the Lobos faced off against Fairfax
Lions in the first round of playoffs. Fairfax’s overall record
consisted of 13 wins, 15 losses, and 1 draw (13-15-1) but
had three wins and nine losses in league games.
In the beginning, Fairfax’s pitcher wasn’t on so many
players were able to get on base. By the end of the first inning the Lobos were up 1-0 after Nathaniel Gomez scored
a run; he was brought in by Jaden Bananga.
“Ultimately, the other team began to pick up and have
well timed hits. They were struggling the first inning be-
cause the pitcher wasn’t on, but once he started pitching
better less players started getting the bat on the ball,” said
However, by the second inning the Lions were able
to put up seven runs on the scoreboard after an error was
made by Rancho. The Lobos were unable to plate anymore
runners and game ended by the top of the seventh inning
with a score of 9-1 in Fairfax’s favor.
“I have mixed feelings because we were in a new division and played against Marine League teams that are better than us [on paper] but I feel like we could’ve competed
a lot more. We could’ve won, but once the momentum
shifted the team had less fight. Fairfax won because they
were in the game the whole game and really wanted to
bounce back,” said Gomez.
Although he does believe the team did decent enough,
he still thinks more could’ve been done at the game. Gomez was named baseball’s team captain this year and
thinks “there’s always room for more improvement.”
Sophomore Jakob Linares says he’s made a lot of improvement considering he was placed into a new position.
Last year he was shortstop, but this year he was the catch-
er. He thinks the team made mental and physical errors
that cost them the win.
“I think we all could’ve helped more because there are
always ways to improve your game, like I could’ve hit the
ball better. We had a good season and we competed Marine League teams that had a ton of hype, but we still competed and fought,” said Linares.
Along with new roles and competition, the overall experience of Marine League was different for the team.
“But, this season was really different because I had a
lot of new teammates, but I also felt more connected with
this team because I grew up with them and I know them,”
said Justo Duenez.
Duenez wishes his teammates the best of luck for the
next season of baseball and plans to visit their games.