It’s a Barbie World

Jamie-Ann Aranda, Graphics Editor

Since she first appeared
in the New York Toy Fair in 1959,
Barbie has been evolving. At first she
only evolved to follow the trends
which came with each generation
such as big hair and large amounts of
makeup. But she still had the same skinny
body type. She got to be a more “realistically” skinny
if you please, compared to the original, though still
skinny nonetheless. However, in 2016 something
amazing happened. Three new body types were unveiled: “tall,” “curvy,” and “petite.”
When I was younger I remember picking up a
Barbie that looked a little more like me and feeling so
joyous, so I can only imagine what the new Barbies
will do for girls that look like them.
These three new body types shocked people all
around the world, for no one had ever imagined a
plus size Barbie. This was an amazing as well as giant
step in diversifying the teenage fashion model doll.
And now the Summer and Fall of 2019 Mattel takes
another giant leap with the creation of incapacitated
I think this is a step in the right direction for
Barbie as a brand as well as an icon. Moving away
from the “standard” blue eyed, white, skinny Barbie
is going to be more inclusive as well as well received
by Barbie consumers.
A new addition to the Barbie Fashionista line is
none other than a “Wheelchair Barbie.” There was
once a friend of Barbie’s named Becky who was in a
wheelchair, though her last appearance on the shelves
was 1998. Now, in the entirely new generation
there are two new dolls in wheelchairs: a white and
African-American Barbie.
If that weren’t amazing enough, the first ever
prosthetic limb Barbie is now in existence and will be
available to the public in early June. Small in stature,
she features a removable though unbending prosthetic
limb (leg). She being the first of her kind makes her
a collector’s item, who knows she may be worth a lot
of money in the future.
The third doll I want to highlight of those that will
be coming out is none other than “vitiligo” Barbie.
The fashion model doll now has the skin condition
causing loss of pigment, and boy is she rocking it.
She hasn’t been announced as an official fashionista,
but fingers crossed she comes out soon.
All dolls I have mentioned (minus vitiligo Barbie
of course, but you can view her on Instagram: @barbiestyle) will release this week in June. So if you
love the dolls like I do be prepared to break out some
cash and order from Amazon because I doubt they
will stay on store shelves for long.