People Soup: How public pools are unsanitary

Cesar Escalante, Web Editor

I really like swimming, it’s
a lot of fun to go to the pool on
a hot summer day with your
friends. When I was younger I
always enjoyed going to the pool
to swim around but as I got older
I started to go to the pool less.
But think about it, swimming in a
pool of people’s fecal matter that
slides off of them as they take
a dip doesn’t seem fun. At this
point I realized how dirty people
are and it eventually killed off the
temptation to go to public pools.
First I would like to say that I
am not bashing on people who go
to pools. I still like going to pools
but very rarely. I don’t go swimming as much as I used to. I would
say my Mom is a very clean per-
son. She is kind of a clean freak
but not to the extreme. She is
very sanitary and gets grossed
out easily. I remember asking her
if she liked swimming and she
says she does but can’t enjoy it
because she gets grossed out. She
explained how dirty pools are and
I slowly started to realize myself
how dirty pools were. When she
told me this I didn’t care at first
but overtime I slowly lost interest
in pools.
Because of what my mom told
me, I would say that her germaphobia rubbed off on me. I would
call myself a slight germaphobe and I’ve noticed that I am similar
to my mom when it comes to being sanitary.
For example I never touch the
door handle; if I have the chance I
usually wait for a person leaving
the bathroom to slide my way be-
hind them so I don’t have to touch
the door. Or I would usually grab
a paper towel to open the door.
Sometimes both of those options
aren’t available so I would use
the bottom of my shirt. The door
handle is dirty and usually people
touch the door handle with their
wet hands, and touching a damp
door handle is not pleasant.
Now I am very selective of
where I put my hands so it only
makes sense that I am particular about where I swim. It didn’t help either that I searched up
facts about pools. One thing that
I never understood was people
who opened their eyes underwater. WHY! What is honestly wrong with
you. All I can imagine is the con-
tact with all the urine and chlorine that touches your eye. I’ve
tried it once and it really burn.
Did you know the reason why
your eye gets red is because of all
the urine in the water? It’s not the
I would also rather swim at
the beach than in a pool. I know
many people see the beach as
dirtier than a pool but I think it’s
better because they’re aren’t any
chemicals in the water. There
are also waves which makes the
swimming much more fun. It is
also not as limiting as a pool is.
You have so much more space
and it’s also may for liberating to
be at the beach with friends.
While some might argue that
the beach and ocean has other
animal’s germs in it, I think it
is much different because of the
sheer size of the ocean. It is not
just a 50 meter square where
germs fester.I don’t really mind pools but if
I had to pick I would not swim in
them. It might just be one of the
weird characteristics of mine.