Pulling the Plug on VCR’s

Jacob Chavez, Staff Writer

VCR day is upon us and along with the creation of
the VCR comes endless amounts of memories, do you
remember a big rectangular prism that you can watch
movies and record T.V. Shows on?
If you do remember a VCR then you should know
that they were a big hit in the 1970’s and early 1980’s.
They were made by Norikazu Sawazaki in 1956 on the
fateful day of June 7th.
The VCR was one of the best creations I have ever
experienced because if
we never had the VCR we
would never have had the
DVD player and no DVD
players equals no Netflix, Hulu etc. It all started
from one rectangle shaped
box that had goals to appeal to simple people and
to make watching movies
and shows more accessible
to the people.
The VCR is single handledly one of the best creations to ever be made, and
has brought so many happy
memories to people around
the world. The VCR is
starting to become extinct
because in 2002 the VCR
was discontinued and in
2015 they stopped making
tapes. Over time and lots
of people forgot about the
VCR and brushed it off as
outdated technology, but the way I see it, the memories will always live on and will never be forgotten.
Over the course of my childhood the VCR was a
big part of my entertainment and I have very happy
memories with it. I remember as a child waking up in
the morning and playing a classic Disney movie on
my VCR and loving every single second of it. It gave
me so many wonderful memories of watching some of
my favorite movies and not having a care in the world.
As the old saying goes “nothing beats the original,”
that’s why VCR Day exists. It is an day where nostalgia sets in because you can recall past memories. It
also gives us a chance to step back and look at how
quickly technology has
morphed in such a short
time, you can no longer
go somewhere like Block-buster and gaze at the selection of movies that you
could watch now.
VCRs were really the
first steps of our spiral
into the demanding world
of entertainment that we
live in now. As technology started to advance
more and more people started wanting more con-
tent instantly, they wanted to rewind, pause and skip whenever they felt
like it. Without VCRs we
wouldn’t really of stepped
into the world we know
now, filled with endless
choices ready at anytime.
Now, physical media is
hardly toughed. I mean, when was the last time you invited a friend over to
watch a DVD? Now it is all about the “Netflix and