Pro Life? Start with Gun Control

Bianca Barretto, Editor-In-Chief & Features Editor

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When I last talked about abortion
back in February, I honestly didn’t
think the problem would escalate further from the attempt to repeal the Roev. Wade decision under Supreme Court
Justice, Brett Kavanaugh. Of course
then, hearing about the challenge to the
court case angered me, it still does, but
I genuinely wanted to believe the stigma surrounding abortion wasn’t as big
of a deal as people made it out to be.
That was until, three months later,
the state of Georgia would completely
ban access to a safe abortion. Then Alabama would ban abortions state wide,
with ZERO exception for instances of
rape and incest. Then Ohio would pass
the heartbeat bill, outlawing abortions
after six weeks of pregnancy. At that
moment, I wished I cared more about
the issue than I already had, even if I
thought it would be impossible to feel
more passionate about it at the time.
I’m pro-choice, and have never
strayed away from sharing that through
the articles I’ve written about this is-
sue. Words can’t even begin to explain
how angry I’ve felt these past couple
weeks, but I’ll try and be as eloquent
as I can. I am ashamed, not only as a
woman, but as a person, to be living in
a country where the constant attacks
on our rights and our freedom are disguised in lies and the claim of protecting the safety of our country, when that
isn’t the motive at all.
Hearing about all the laws restricting the access to an abortion has been
rather tiresome, the only good thing
coming from it is the amount of courageous men and women talking and
fighting for the same cause. But as
much controversy these laws have received in the matter of weeks, I still
feel as though there are many issues
surrounding the abortion bans that
people are not even talking about when
they should be. People like to put so
much focus on the ‘men vs. women’
aspect of this issue, blaming men for
making laws that “have nothing to do
with them”, but the abortion ban is
more than just a feminist issue, it’s an
issue about ALL of our rights, whether
you want to believe that or not.
When I first heard about the abortion ban, a certain parallel couldn’t
help but come to mind. Reasonably,
the same people who are pro-life and
calling the shots on making these laws
are also pro-2nd amendment. But if
they’re making these laws, and banning abortion in order to “protect the
safety of the child”, then why aren’t
they also promoting stricter gun regulations to protect the children already
alive, knowing there’s a massive school
shooting problem in America?
I already know supporters of the 2nd
amendment and the pro-life agenda
aren’t going to want to find these two
issues comparable to one another, but
both gun laws and abortion laws come
down to the same primary concern:
safety. They refuse to regulate guns be-
cause people can still get them illegal-ly” yet continuously criminalize abortions knowing the issue of its legality
wont stop women from having them
anyway. Where is that same principle
in this instance?
Ohio governor, Mike DeWine
claims that the “Government’s role
should be to protect life from beginning to end.” I’m here to tell you that
belief is incredibly false.
The people backing the abortion
ban do not care about the safety of our
children. Instead, pro-lifers are turning
ideas of “health and “safety” into fuel
for their propaganda that has no other
motive then to attack our right to a safe
and healthy environment in the first
place. People who are Pro-life continuously push the false agenda of wanting
to protect their families and their children, when in reality they only want to
support corrupt businesses, organizations, and political interests. They do
not care about keeping the children
safe. They do not care about preventing mass shootings in schools. And
they evidently do not care about the
potential life of a child if they are willing to grant it a life without it’s own
healthy mother.
There are so many contradictions
and fallacies surrounding the pro-life
movement. How can you call yourself
pro life if 1) you don’t do anything to
actually help children in need and 2)
you are willing to throw away the lives
of men and women for the sake of a
child that hasn’t even been born yet?
If these people truly believed in
their own agenda, they would be put-
ting their effort in places that actually
helped protect the children in our country who desperately need the help. We
should be doing things like reforming
the current foster care system, requiring mandatory vaccinations, protesting
against racial profiling when incriminating juvenile youth, and preventing the separation of children from their
immigrant families.
While a big part of the issue surrounding the current abortion ban is
due to the manipulation caused by the
pro-life agenda, there are still many
issues even those who are pro-choice,
are neglecting to talk about. Don’t get
me wrong, I love the fact that so many
people are talking about this issue because it definitely needs to be talked
about. But when the abortion ban is
talked about online, I feel as though
there is a lot of misplaced anger contributing to the lack of discussion for
certain issues within the topic of outlawed abortion.
I often find other woman posting on
social media and blaming men for unrightly controlling the bodies of women all over the country. While it is true
that women should have the right to do
whatever they want with their bodies,
the pro-choice movement seriously
needs to stop acting like that abortion
ban is an issue that puts men against
The laws criminalizing abortion are
being passed by both male and female
political leaders, and not being able
to get an abortion affects more people
than just women. People are failing to
represent the narratives of people who
are equally affected by these new laws
as women are and are failing to under-
stand that the abortion ban is more than
a gender problem. This is not just a war
on women. It’s a war on health care.
It’s a war families. It’s a war on BOTH
potential mothers and fathers who
aren’t ready to raise a child. It’s a war
on transgender men who can still physically get pregnant. There shouldn’t be
any anomalies when considering who
is affected by the abortion ban because
at the end of the day, this is more than
men being against women. Contributing to the lack of representation of the
people who are affected only makes
you just as bad as the issue at hand is.
I may be a feminist, but treating
abortion as ONLY a feminist leaves
more room for people to feel disconnected with this problem, when now
is the time where EVERYONE should
feel connected with it. It may affect
mostly women, but not only women.
The abortion ban is just one example
of how the government can strip the
freedom from any and every single one
of us. No one should ever be excluded
from the right to make choices for their
own bodies.
And in no way am I claiming that
making the choice of having an abortion is easy, because it isn’t. Although
it is not a circumstance that directly affects me, I have talked about the what
it means to be pro-life with my partner.
And despite my beliefs, if it ever came
down to me, having an abortion would
haunt me for the rest of my life. But I
would rather die than not have a choice
over my own safety, and that’s the reality many women and men have already
People need to understand that everybody deserves the right to having
this choice no matter how daunting and
controversial it is. Getting rid of safe
abortions jeopardizes more lives than
it does protect them. And whatever
is happening isn’t the fault of men or
women. It’s the fault of a flawed political system that continuously supports
agendas based on fallacy, ideals, and
dog,a rather than fact and reason. If it’s
our body, It’s our choice.