Summer Stressing: No schedule is a stressful schedule

Bianca Barretto, Editor-In-Chief & Features Editor

With the school year coming
to an end, it makes sense for my
peers to finally feel some relief
after getting their final grades
turned in and having summer to
look forward to. While I cant lie,
junior year absolutely destroyed
me and my sleeping schedule,
and I’m honestly ready to throw
in the towel, I already know I
wont be feeling the same relief
others are feeling as summer approaches.
If you know me at all, you
know that I try and fill my plate
as much as I can during the
school year with harder class-
es, clubs, and academic extra-
curricular. A lot of it has to do
with how beneficial it is to be
involved on campus when applying to college, but what people don’t know is that my full
schedule has more to do with
the fact that I can’t function as
a human being without feeling
like I’m being productive.
The need to constantly be doing something has its pros and
cons. My productivity during
the school year amounted to a
lot of unnecessary stress, but
none of that compares to how
rewarding it is to reach your
goals as a result of your hard
work. It makes me feel like all
the sleepless nights will pay off
But regardless of its rewards,
my involvement has completely
ruined my outlook of vacation.
Last summer, I began to notice
having a long break from school
meant I NEVER knew how to
preoccupy myself in my free
time. There would be days and weeks in a row where I had absolutely nothing to do except eat
and try not to be bored, and I began to loath the excess amount
of free time I had over break.
Don’t get me wrong, I can
definitely appreciate having a
couple days where I have no assignments or projects to worry
about. But as those days began
to increase over the course of
the summer, not having a set
plan or agenda for a day made
me go insane, because it made
feel like I had no purpose. And
as a person who needs some sort
of objective, whether it be short
or long term, this feeling of purposelessness made my entire
summer feel like a three month
long anxiety attack.
Adapting to having no schedule at all right after having a
schedule that made me restless
proved itself rather difficult,
and I learned that the time of
year I hate most is actually the
summer. Yes, I have much more
time to relax and spend with
friends and family, but it is honestly just TOO much free time
for someone who needs to stay
productive in order to feel purposeful. I find that a much prefer
a busy schedule that still gave
me a decent amount of free time
to focus on myself, rather than
having a break where I’m sulk-
ing about having nothing to do.
And people can tell me that
I should try and do something
productive like get a job or
volunteer, but as someone who
has parents who work full-time
and a brother almost 10 years
younger than I am, I can’t just
plan my summer to accommodate my needs, I still have to be
able to help out at home. That
makes the option of getting a
job less accessible and means I
spend a lot of time in my house.
While the school year is the
biggest contributor to my stress,
it doesn’t give me nearly as
much anxiety as spending an
entire summer doing absolutely