Graduating Seniors are Commemorated at Senior Awards Night

Jada Knight, Staff Writer

The Class of 2019 and their families attended Senior Awards Night
to acknowledge stellar students for their outstanding achievements
throughout their four years of high school.
“It was great, I felt that we had a good amount of seniors that showed
up and I felt that everyone was well represented there,” said senior
Thomas Cantu.
Pride and emotions from parents, fellow classmates, teachers, and
staff filled the room as they cheered on the announced awardees, along
with the graduation ceremony being a week from that night.
The senior class was awarded scholarships, and recognized for their
superb attendance, community and school services, athletic, and academic performances.
There were various award categories and numerous recipients who
received a ton of awards at a time, and a few students who made Lobo
history this year.
Recipients such as Kayla Knight received a medal for her service in
Teen Court, and Ana Palacios who received a Golden State Seal Merit,
President’s Education Award, and High Achievement for Excellence in
Social Studies.
Jennifer Laredo received President’s Education Award, the Golden
State Seal Diploma, LAUSD Academic Decathlon Recognition, Journalism Certificate of Excellence, the Federal Credit Union Scholarship,
Perfect Attendance for a Year, Mock Trial and Teen Court medallions
and more.
Tatiana Frazier received her awards for Mock Trial and Teen Court,
National Honors Society, superintendent Honor Roll and the President’s
Education Award.
ASB members Thomas Cantu, Destiny Romero, Emiliano Lara and
Rowell Ramos were recognized for their terms in office and each recognized for countless awards in other categories.
Abraham Orosco received an attendance award for never missing a day
of school. In fact, the purple, white, and gold trophy was taller than him.
Emiliano Lara is among the multiple awards recipients, and he made
Lobo history by being the first Lobo to commit to the University of
Southern California. Lara received an exclusive scholarship, the USC
General Alumni Association Scholarship, presented by Assistant Principal and USC alumni Mr. Hannon. Arturo Gomez was crowned salutatorian, Thien Le and Alex Valdez made Lobo history by being crowned
co-valedictorians for having the same 4.5 GPA and taking on eight AP
“Senior awards night was very cool, I liked all that cheer that we
gave, it is always good to see that we are very supported of each other.
There was the cool parts seeing who got scholarships and who succeeded,” said Emiliano Lara.
After the awards, recipients posed for the “Parent Paparazzi” and
attendees enjoyed Starbucks coffee and pastries in the quad. Congratulations to all recipients mentioned and not mentioned in this article, and
overall to my Class of 2019. We made it!