Business and Marketing Club Finishes Their First Successful Year At Rancho

Marissa Gallardo, News Editor

At the beginning the fall, the Business and
Marketing Club went through the process of
becoming an official club on campus. With an advisor secured and a founding president committed, the Business and Marketing was open
for students that were interested.
“It is honestly really fun and worth the time,
one lunch period a week is really nothing and
it doesn’t even feel like half an hour because
you’re not paying attention to the clock,” said
Skye Rogers, a junior who is soon to be the
next president of the club.
Rogers and the rest of the new office for
Business and Marketing got elected two weeks
ago. They will take their positions when the
2019/2020 school year starts up. All positions
for the club (president, vice-president, and secretary) were held by seniors this school year, so
a whole new act of offices will be in place next
The current president, senior Emiliano Lara,
foresees the club continuing to teach the students on campus financial literacy. “One of the
main reasons I started this club was to offer
students a place to come learn about real life
financial situations and skills that we are not
able to offer specific classes for on this campus.
Financial literacy is one of those skills that you
won’t regret spending time to learn.”
Business and Marketing seems like a club
that would require some previously established
skills or understanding, but the newly elected
vice-president, Junior Cesar Escalante, assures
that none of that is necessary. “I’ve just always
been interested in managing money because it
is really important for everyone’s future. I had
an interest and wanted to learn about it because
there’s a lot of things about ‘adulting’ that we
don’t know.”
“It’s not crazy math based or complicated,
the lesson plans are usually based on what we
decide as a group to look into at the next meeting,” said Rogers.
“I try to find time at home or sometimes staying up an extra hour at night to gather what the
next meeting will be about. I don’t really find it
challenging to find things to discuss because I
make sure to communicate with the rest of the
club, it is also another way to keep everyone
engaged,” said Lara.
The club will be back next year with new
ideas and new leaders, “Join, won’t regret it,”
said Rogers.