Springfest at Rancho

Denise Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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This year’s SpringFest consisted of students from Ms. Lopez’s guitar
class, modern band, Livin’ La Vida Lobos (featuring Ms. Lopez, Mrs.
Kirchner, Dr. Vieira, Mr. Wu and Ms. Domingo), and the Mariachi Los
Lobos De Rancho Dominguez. Each student and staff performed a solo
or in a group. SpringFest was held on May 16, 2019 in the MPR, emceed
by Nathaniel Graham and Chevelle Daniel.
“Springfest was a culmination of everything that my students have
done in their class. The students have been preparing for it all semester,”
said Ms. Lopez, our school’s band teacher.
The first group to perform was the Mariachi Los Lobos De Rancho
Dominguez, starring Shamiya Collins, Jeriq Macaraeg, Marvin Madamba,
Francisco Martinez, and Hector Vidal. They sang “Si Nos Dejan” by Jose
Alfredo Jimenez and “El Rey” arranged by Jeff Nevin.
The only solo artist was Michael Esparza, who sang “PB&J” by Ruby
Da Cherry and “Love Me Do” by The Beatles.
Next was JJEICE, who played “Story of My Life” by One Direction and
“Rude” by MAGIC! The members were Itzel Alcala, Eric Arias, Cecilia
Mendoza, Steven Short, and Emily Verrett.
Following them was Recklessly Poetic, which sang a rap remix of Lean
on Me by the Temptations. Then it was Tijah’s Loud Guitar, which played
God’s Plan by Drake.
The Procrastinators were up next, singing “Just the Way You Are” and
“Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars. Next up was The Wave, who sang “Stay with
Me” by Sam Smith and “Who I Am” by The Score. RDPS’ Modern Band
played “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga and “Out of My League” by Fitz
and the Tantrums.
Lastly, the Livin’ La Vida Lobos played “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns
N’ Roses and “Happier” by DJ Marshmello. Students from Modern Band
helped the staff perform “Happier” and sang their hearts out, and so did
the other groups.
Jeriq Macaraeg, a sophomore here at Rancho, has performed two other
times in the SpringFest. Before this year, he had played the trombone and
bass guitar and thoroughly enjoyed it. This year he played the keyboard
and the bass guitar and joked about how hot it was backstage. Macaraeg
enjoyed “being on stage and supporting others on stage” and how “well
organized” SpringFest was. He suggested that “when performing, don’t
focus on the audience, just yourself.” He stated that he would definitely
like to see SpringFest next year and that it was a “great showcase of
people’s talent.”
Shamiya Collins, a tenth grader, closed off with a vivid image of the
show. “I enjoyed the performance and the people playing there for the
first time. I really did have fun at the show as well.”
The event followed with the Spring Concert, where high school, middle
school and Dominguez Elementary students performed more instrumental pieces.