Packing a Punch


A hero for fun, a man who is able to defeat their enemy in a single punch without breaking a sweat. “One Punch Man” is an anime that was released in October 2015. It followed the story of Saitama, who gained the power to defeat his foes with a single punch from his rigorous training he repeated for several years. This consisted of 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, and a ten kilometer run everyday.

Though his immense power came at a cost, he lost his hair and any sense of challenge which caused him to live a carefree emotionless life, even in his world of villains of massive power and weak heros with a few exceptions. His world has a hero association, which ranks heroes from C to S class. One would think that someone with the power to defeat their opponent would be at a high rank but Saitama ended up at a C rank, failing his quiz at the hero test.

Saitama’s story follows him climbing up the ranking ladder from C to the number one hero, as he out classes the top S heroes but is unable to appease the hero associacion which holds him back. Saitama is never challenged throughout all of the anime but is only seen as the person who takes all the credit for taking the last hit. The people that live in Saitama’s world see other heroes fight and struggle against a villian demolishing the town, but they then see a bald man in a banana yellow suit walk up to the villain and evaporate them in one punch.

His story continues throughout the anime following the same base, where he is never challenged in a fight and never needs to fight more seriously until the end of the first season.

The second season of “One Punch Man” is expected to come this April with high expectations. With most of the anime’s source material out in the open, manga readers may know what comes next but others are waiting in anticipation.