Expensive Items Run Risk At School


Illustration by Paulina Rosas

Yvonne Rodriguez, Staff Writer

People like to show off their new belongings, and oftentimes, school is a place in which they can show it off to their friends. Bringing expensive items to school is a bad idea because the item could get lost/stolen or broken.

There is nothing more frustrating than having an item lost or worse, stolen. This is even more devastating when that item was not exactly cheap. Expensive things are more likely to be stolen and you become a target when you start to show it off.

Thieves tend to target people who they know own expensive items. Showing off can put you in a thieves crosshairs. I don’t think it is a wise decision to bring expensive things to school because it can lead to undesirable consequences when your parents catch word of the mishap to the item. Unless your parents are super rich and wouldn’t mind buying the item again for you, we all know that our parents would be furious. Replacing the item can cost a lot. And unless you have insurance for the item, repairing can cost many hard earned dollars.

In the case of a lost/stolen item, you really can’t blame it on anyone but yourself for the unfortunate event. At school code assemblies it is stressed that you leave expensive stuff and large amounts of money at home. It is an item for your enjoyment.

Showing off is a way in which people usually gain friends or impress existing friends. The more expensive the thing, the more popularity the person gains. But showing off is also a way to gain unwanted attention. Unwanted attention can come from thieves and from students in class. Expensive items can be a distraction to students in the class. For example, if you get the newest phone on the market and all your friends know, then they might want to see it and that may be a distraction in the classroom. As a result of the distraction, the phone (distracting thing) can be confiscated. Bringing expensive stuff to school is not a smart idea that can get you into trouble. Therefore it is not something that I’d recommend you do for your safety and the safety of your belongings.