High School Relationships

Jonx Galang, Staff Writer

Relationship, is a word that might spark the thought of a current or past girlfriend or boyfriend, especially when you’re in high school. When I think of a relationship the first thing that comes to mind for me isn’t necessarily a partner, but rather someone who is your friend. Getting a partner in that regard is the least of my worries but instead, I tend to worry more about the people I talk to on a regular basis, this is because of my thoughts on being in a relationship in high school. It isn’t something one should be looking for but instead it should be something to let happen naturally. So I instead of worrying about a partner, it would be best to just focus on friends and family socially rather than having to worry about being in a relationship.

I thought it was pointless to be in a partnership where maybe one partner isn’t happy and you end up spending more of your time with someone that could be stopping you from being productive. It seemed to me as a waste of time because they could possibly be in the way of things and potentially stopping you from succeeding. But after my first semester of high school and over time I started to see how having a partner could make one happy and is like a friendship.

By the beginning of my second year of high school, I still saw that building a friendship was a step above a partner because high school relationships can be temporary and could end at any time. But, we are still developing our mindset, we don’t really know what the term “love” stands for. However, most friendships in high school are also temporary, people come and go, and you can’t control things like that.

But, now in my 4th semester of high school, I now see that through my learning experiences, whether you’re in one or not, they can be a 50/50.  There is a possibility that it can last longer than high school. It depends on how the couple is with each other and how much effort they put forth in the relationship. I still think of friends first when people bring up relationships, but friends and relationships are on equal terms of importance so far.

Over time relationships become more and more important to us with age by the time we are four years or three years into high school people begin to realize that it is always good to start off with a friendship or developing a sense of trust. The relationship and friendship can last, for a long time when this sense of trust is present. Relationships don’t only mean a partner, but they also mean having a friend. As go on in life we learn to recognize how important having a friend is start to appreciate a partner more and more along with our friends.