Long Distance Relationship on Valentine’s Day

Jamie-Ann Aranda, Staff Writer

During Valentine’s Day, love is in the air. Couples spend their day together reminiscing on  their past and how happy they are together. In my case I maintained a long distance relationship, and have been for the past year. 2018 will be the second Valentine’s day without having the luxury of hugging and being with my significant other.

We’ve never actually been together on Valentine’s Day, but last year we spent the 13th of February together. That’s still better than nothing, and the little bear he gave me made everything better. Even though we wouldn’t be together, I would still have some part to remember him by.

Anyone in a long distance relationship will tell you that they miss their significant other, it is only natural. And a holiday that celebrates love only adds to it, making the person miss them more.

The upside about this is that we live in the twenty first century. We don’t have to send letters that take weeks to reach them, if they ever do get to them. Technology makes everything easier, especially with you and your other half being so far apart. Tech is your communication outlet. You can text, call, video chat, all day if you want. We all know this is no substitution for actually being together in person, but it’s better than nothing.

Surviving a Valentine’s Day away from that special someone if you think about it, it just makes your bond stronger. It means you’re not just with a person to say you are in a relationship with them, you are in it for the long run. You may not be with that person at the moment, but when you are you know how to appreciate it. To appreciate how much you went through, how long it took to see them in person again. It means that love is truly there. So when Valentine’s Day comes around as it does every year, and you are finally with that awesome person; you know it will be amazing, and they will too.