Eileen on the Edge

Eileen Topacio, Staff Writer

Image from: https://pmcvariety.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/ed-sheeran1.jpg?w=1000&h=562&crop=1

Are you looking for an artist that only needs a guitar and a voice to create record hits? Someone that sings and creates “Perfect” music? Ed Sheeran fits all of those requirements with soft romantic tunes and fun empowering songs. Starting off with his breakthrough song “The A Team,” Ed Sheeran is still going strong in his music career. From his first album “+” to his most recent album “Divide,” Ed has passed his hardships and has became successful in his songwriting journey.

Something incredible about Ed Sheeran is his ability to be a simple artist and astound everyone at the same time. Ed is someone that can grab a guitar and make any tune out of it. I especially love his acoustic covers, because he produces such a raw performance. My personal favorites would be his “Perfect” and “Thinking Out Loud” acoustics because both show Ed’s impressive vocal power. When I listen to these acoustic covers, it brings the focus towards Ed’s voice rather than the mix of sounds from regular composed songs.

Ed Sheeran is a favorite of mine not just because of his beautiful music, but also because of his inspirational story. Growing up, Ed was bullied for his stutter and appearance in school. He soon had surgery for his stutter, but it did not go well and left him with a lazy eye and speech problems. Even though these issues were in the way, he always had a love for music. Without having a single concern about others, he went for his passion and started singing for his local church and even creating his own music. Eventually, his stutter went away as he grew his interest for singing. From a bullied ginger haired boy to a popular recording artist, Ed Sheeran grew into the extraordinary artist he is today.

Ed’s success runs today as he takes the title as the most streamed artist on Spotify, writes record selling albums and just by being an inspiration to many young people of today. If you are looking for songs to cry or to dance to, Ed Sheeran is the way to go.