Pc Vs Console

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Pc Vs Console

Jonx Galang, Staff Writer

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As gaming continues to gain popularity by the week, new gamers begin to wonder what gaming platform is better to play on. They question whether or not to follow their favorite gamer or if they should get the device their friends have. Sometimes they research which platform is the best by far by viewing the reviews and what features does the system have or how well the graphics are. Throughout the years in the gaming community, the question has been Playstation or Xbox but recently PC has become a front runner on the gaming platform.

With it’s high graphics and high performance potential, the PC is becoming more and more popular with every generation of consoles. I believe that PC is going to cause consoles to become irrelevant in the coming years due to the rate at which the PC’s performance is improving.

    Now some might believe a PC isn’t all that good,  costs too much to make and they are incapable of putting one together, but compared to a console one could make a PC for less than a console. While having better performance and a game library, the PC is much more better and affordable.

Putting the PC together is simple, you can look at a video online or ask a friend to help you put one together. Some people might see a PC as an intimidating machine due to its size but due to how modular the PC is, the size of the PC can be made either smaller or larger if wanted which is another bonus.

    In the long run a PC will still be much more affordable than a console due to its ability to have its parts upgraded separately while also having better performance and graphics compared to a console. A console requires the player to buy a whole new system when a new generation of games comes out, costing more, and the performances gets so much worse and slower.

    Now I will admit using both a console and a PC, because of the exclusive library of games that are held on console and the broad spectrum of games playable on PC. Consoles can be a good choice for recent consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, with it’s portability and amazing exclusives titles. But even though the PC lacks some title it makes it up by having an amazing community which mods for games and even whole new titles.

    Though the PC is quite a daunting machine for newcomers it is actually one if not the best gaming machines on the market. With its price, performance, size, and upgradability all being controlled by the gamer themself.