One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Respect


Cesar Escalante, Staff Writer

A lot of students like to complain about all of the trash, but if you’re the one
saying ‘oh, this school isn’t clean’ then don’t make a mess along with the younger kids. Throughout my short time being at this school, I’ve learned two things: Students like to litter A LOT and students are extremely disrespectful to the hard working custodians. I always see the custodians walking around the school trying to keep it as clean as they possibly can, but unfortunately it doesn’t make up for the mess we are always making.

“I feel bad when students don’t pick up after themselves, however I wish they would. Some students would do it on purpose but most of the time it’s more of an accident, like for example someone would leave some trash behind by accident and that’s okay but students can also help me by picking up their lunch. Sometimes they leave the food behind on the table and don’t throw it away. I mean the trash is right there in front of you so it wouldn’t hurt to help,” said custodian, Robert Rollinson.

This makes me feel bad for the custodians because I’d see the custodians do a greatjob at keeping the school clean before students come on campus in the morning and when the students leave after school. It genuinely makes me wonder if the students making the mess act like that at home or around their parents because I know for a fact
most of them wouldn’t even dare to act like that in their own house. “It’s really easy for the students to keep this school clean. I keep telling students all you gotta do is throw your trash away, that’s it, it’s that easy. At the end of the day you’re helping me and you’re helping your school stay clean. I feel really disrespected when I see students litter around our school and it’s just rude,” said custodian, Zena Dorsey.

It’s important for students to know that they should think before they act. Imagine if that was your mom going around and cleaning up the school; how ted she’ll be when she gets home. It’s not hard to keep the school clean. You could be the ones making a mess without even realizing it, so before you and your friends are going to mess around after school, think before you throw sunflower seeds across the entire cafeteria.

“I don’t feel abused by the students but I do find it very disrespectful when students knock down trash cans and they don’t pick it up. I am sure if the student’s parents were working here that they wouldn’t like that. A way students can help us keep the school clean is by just making sure you they throw away their trash and clean up after them-selves. An idea I’ve had is putting trash cans in the hall so that students can throw awaytheir trash,” said custodian, Melvin Rogers.

Taking the extra time to take care of our mess is extremely beneficial for everyone. If we all try our best to keep the school clean, we could probably also get a chance to open up more bathrooms. So help keep the school clean out of respect for the hard working custodians.