Study Tips


Paulina Rosas, Staff Writer

  1. Use a planner. Despite what most people think, a planner can be very helpful when it comes to school. Whether you use it to write down homework assignments or important dates, a planner can help you organize the things you need to get done. An alternative could be your phone calendar or a bullet journal.
  2. Manage your time efficiently. Many people struggle to manage their time between classes, homework, and sports. By setting down a schedule and prioritizing certain tasks, you’ll be able to manage your time a lot easier and get things done faster. When studying make sure to include breaks as well.
  3. Organize your study space. Having a clean study or work area actually helps a lot when studying, not only do you have more room for your supplies but it helps your mind focus more when there isn’t a clutter around you to distract you.
  4. Use Flashcards. Flashcards are one of the easiest and simplest ways to study. They’re an easy way to memorize things such as vocabulary words or terms.                             Apps: Brainscape, Quizlet
  5. Review + Revise. It is always important to review any notes you may have taken, because you won’t always remember everything, so it’s good to refresh your memory by revising notes or certain topics for tests.
  6. The Pomodoro Method. What many people don’t realize is that the smallest of things can be distracting. A small 5 minute break to check social media can lead to an hour or two of scrolling through your feed. Apps like Forest and Focusnow block social media and other apps for a certain amount of time so you can focus when studying.Phone: Forest, Tide, ClearFocus, Focus Time, Clockwork Tomato, Pomodoro Keeper, Focusnow, My Study LifeComputer: Tomato Timer, Moosti, Marinara Timer, StayFocused
  7. Create a study guide. A study guide is important when it comes to tests or any other important school work, it helps you know the material and understand it in an efficient matter. A study guide doesn’t have to be complex, it could be some cornell notes or simple flashcards; it’s whatever helps you understand the material you’re studying.
  8. Helpful Apps. Notes + Flashcards: Notability, Quizlet, BrainscapeHomework/To do: The Homework App, Wunderlist, Todoist