Coachella Spring Fair at Rancho Dominguez


Rancho Dominguez's Filipino Club serving Eggrolls, Spam Musubi, and Turon

Renz Dungo, Web Editor

On April 28th, 2017 Rancho Dominguez had a Spring Fair that hosted many foods and drinks from various clubs and activities, all relating to the renowned music festival Coachella. The Spring Fair was ran by leadership and was successful with the amount of people who came. It has been going on for quite a while now and new clubs have joined. Many Rancho students came by and bought food and drinks.

The Spring Fair was an opportunity for students to have fun and clubs to fundraise money. There was much variety with the food and drinks this year. The food available at fair included hot dogs, popcorn, spam masubi, donuts, tacos, and cookies. Drinks included horchata, lemonade, ice coffee, and soda. The activities included ring toss
and drawings from Journalism.

The clubs that participated in the Spring Fair this year was National Honors Society, the Rancho Dominguez Band, Key Club, Journalism, Filipino Club, Feminist Club, and Latino Club. High schoolers and middle schoolers participated in all the fun; lots of teachers also came by and supported clubs by buying food. With the Spring Fair being quite successful, it’s certain there will be another one next year. “ It was fun, I found the whole aesthetic vibrant and it seemed like everyone liked the food and the clubs made money,” said Junior Alyssa Gomez.