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Playing School Sports Encourages Athletes To Do Better in School

Nathaniel Gomez, Staff Writer

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Do school athletics encourage students to do better in school? There are many students at the school that are student-athletes but student comes first so in order to keep playing the sport you enjoy you need to keep your grades up. The thing is that if you let your grades drop you can’t play until you get your grades back up which messes people up sometimes because they don’t put effort into their classes. So if you really want to play the sport you would be participating both inside and out of class. I play multiple sports but I understand that without the grades I would not be able to participate in any of these things.

There are some things that can set you back in a class, like missing a period because you were at a game but teachers are very understanding with this situation. The thing is that you need to put in the effort as much as you do in your sport. I sometimes get behind in a class but it’s up to me to find time so I can make that up and continue to play the sports that I enjoy. School sports encourage students to do better in class because the athlete needs to take their studies seriously if they want to continue to play the sport they enjoy. Which is extremely important to the senior students because it is their last year and they might not ever play that sport again.

The thing that encourages the students to do better in class is that even if you’re the best at that sport your chances are still very low because colleges won’t look at you unless you have the grades as well as the skill. They want to see that you work well both in the classroom and out of the classroom because they can get somebody just as good but they perform better in the class. This sounds so simple but some people still don’t understand that you won’t be able to play the sport you want if you don’t do what needs to be done in the class.

So does school athletics encourage students to do better in class? Most definitely because if they don’t put the same amount of effort in the class like out of class they probably won’t play the sport they want to. Lastly, I believe that school athletics has a lot to do with students participating in the class.

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Playing School Sports Encourages Athletes To Do Better in School